iPoker Network implemented updates for cash game tables

iPoker Network

iPoker Network takes care of its users and one week ago it prepared some updates related to the cash game tables. According to the words of Head of iPoker Network Joerg Nottebaum, they activated some features in order to make cash games more fair and interesting for the players.

It is worth highlighting three main updates:

  • global sit out;
  • anonymous lobby;
  • posting the big blind in order to see the real nicknames.

So, let's review these new functions…

Sit out

From now on, if the user wants to sit out while playing at the several cash tables, he will be obliged to sit out from all his tables once the hand (in which he plays) finishes.

The goal of this function is to prevent the players from loafing about with nothing and waiting for better times and weaker opponents.

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Anonymous lobby

As part of this function, the opponents’ nicknames will be concealed. It is impossible to see the list of those seated in the game just for the sake of it. You can do this only after posting a big blind, which is another new change related to the updates.

Posting the BB to see the nicknames

This function grants the players an additional level of anonymity that prevents from hunting in the lobby. When the player decides to sit at the cash game table, he won’t see the opponents’ names until he posts the big blind.

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