Is Dan Bilzerian the discoverer of LAG playing style?

Dan Bilzerian poker​Eccentric millionaire Dan Bilzerian loves to boast of his successes in poker. He has repeatedly stated that he had won millions in private games. No one officially confirms this information, but, does not refute it either.

Everyone is used to see Dan as a rich amateur with an inflated ego. Bilzerian considers himself a talented professional. In recent True Geordie podcast, the guy stated that he is responsible for the development of the loose-aggressive (LAG) playing style in poker. Dan also commented on the fact he isn’t considered as a poker player in professional circles and the lack of poker trophies and much more.

Dan Bilzerian has always maintained the position that he is supposedly a professional poker player, but plays only expensive private cash games. With the aforementioned words, he once again explained his unwillingness to participate in official events and appear in casinos. The guy ostensibly does it in order not to be known as the professional and not to miss the opportunity to beat the wealthy fish.

In fact, this excuse sounds very plausible and logical, but poker professionals conceived Bilzerian's statements with a sneer. They started to troll the King of Instagram.

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