Is there dope in poker?


If you have already studied the basics of poker game and began to apply your knowledge in practice, then you may have wondered: "Is there dope in poker?"

It is known that some athletes use dope in order to gain an advantage in strength over their opponents. In poker the factor of physical strength fades into insignificance, because you don’t have serious physical exertion. Your brain activity, excellent memory, vigor, mental concentration and many other things are more important here. Hence the question arises: "Are there drugs that can enhance these abilities?"

What can modern pharmacology offer?

The players are under the permanent stress, and fatigue with a loss of concentration has also an effect in the long tournaments. Pharmacology can offer drugs such as beta adrenoreceptor antagonist for people who are not able to keep their emotions.

These substances block the adrenaline burst, which is the reason of rapid pulse, face reddening and nerve tremor. Such drugs block the heartbeating, decrease the blood pressure and eliminate your stress.

Food and drink

Those who can play until past midnight, face the problem: how not to fall asleep. In this case two well-known all-nighter friends can help you: coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine releases from drowsiness, helps to concentrate and even enhance mood. Energy drinks give energy to your body for a while, and it is enough to finish the tournament.

Some players consider that alcohol also relieves stress and helps to relax, that leads to an easier decision-making. In fact, alcohol has more disadvantages rather than advantages and we won’t mention about the harm it causes to health. It is very important to know your measure and if you overdo with alcohol, then you risk to lose all your money in a drunken state. It is necessary to find a happy medium for yourself and perhaps it will be enough a bottle of beer for somebody to relax.

Alcohol and poker

The nutritionists advise the players to add more fish to their menu (especially marine fish), because it has a lot of omega fatty acids, which is beneficial to cardiovascular system.

Spinach also improves the blood circulation and mussels contain a lot of vitamin B12, which helps to protect the brain cells. It has a beneficial effect on improving brain’s activity and helps to delay the aging. Don’t forget about the walnuts, because they improve memory and appease hunger.

Dark chocolate improves the brain activity and your mood. Probably just one chocolate will help you to avoid tilt at the right time. Poker player Jamie Gold usually sits at the table with blueberries, because it is useful for the eyes and very important for online players.

Jamie Gold


In summary, we don’t advise you to take various drugs if you are clueless about their effect, because you risk to get even bigger troubles. Frequent usage of coffee and energy drinks won’t be useful. We wish you to have a healthy lifestyle as your best dope! Sports, walking in the fresh air, proper nutrition and healthy sleep will help you to be in excellent shape.

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