Is your PokerStars application not working? There is a solution

Problems at PokerStars

After PokerStars updating, many users of the poker room faced the problem of a sudden work stoppage of the client.

The PokerStars application has started to freeze and shut down during the game showing the window with the following error: "PokerStars Client Software (APPCRASH) program work has been stopped".

Pokerstars support service has been repeatedly informed about this problem and its representatives assure that they are working on eliminating all the possible reasons for the glitch. 

In most cases, the cause of the incorrect work of the application is the damage to the user.ini file in the PokerStars settings.

Currently, the support service of the poker room offers users to solve the problem of involuntary closure of the PokerStars client in the following way:

  1. Delete User.ini or User file in the PokerStars settings.
  2. Reboot the application. 

Pay attention that after this file is deleted, all your settings in the application will get back to the default position, thus you will need to set them again yourself.

Some users had problems with Hold'em Manager operation after deleting the User file but this problem is also promised to be fixed.

How to find User / User.ini file in the PokerStars settings?

There are two ways to find User or User.ini file on PokerStars.

The first way:

  • open PokerStars application;
  • select the menu "Help" on the right panel and choose the next command from the list – Open folder "My settings";

User / User.ini file in the PokerStars settings

The second way (in case you cannot open PokerStars): 

  • press Win+R combination on a keyboard (as a rule, you can find "Windows" button in the bottom left corner between "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys);

A popup window will be opened in front of you:

User / User.ini file in the PokerStars settings

  • in a search line type or copy and paste the following text: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local and press Enter;
  • find a folder of your poker client (it is usually called - 'PokerStars") and open it;
  • find User or User.ini file and open it in any text format, except Word (Notepad is the best one to use). You can do it by pressing on file with the right button of the mouse and selecting a command "Open with the help of..." -"Notepad";

It is important for the PokerStars program to be closed while doing these actions with User file.

  • at the end of the file (right after the last line) paste the following text:




  • save the file leaving it in the same place (CTRL+S);
  • reboot the PokerStars client.

These simple actions will help you to fix the operation of the PokerStars program. Many players pointed out that after implementing the above actions the PokerStars application started to work correctly and only some users had problems with the operation of the supportive software.

If offered actions don't help to fix the problem, you should contact the support service of the poker-room ([email protected]) and send them a copy of log-files. It's also worth clarifying whether you use off-site program software (poker soft) for playing on PokerStars and what exactly.

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