Isaac Haxton encourages to implement 12-hour break between game days

King's Casino

The world is gradually moving away from coronavirus pandemic, and the organizers of live tournaments began to think about offline poker. It can safely be said that it won't be the same in the coming year.

King's Casino in Rozvadov became the first gambling establishment in Europe to open after the quarantine. So far, it doesn’t fully operate: only cash poker is allowed, and sanitary measures attract more attention than the large winnings. In addition, the borders are still closed and there is no sense to wait for a large number of visitors within a month.  

What about Las Vegas? The world series of poker was postponed until autumn and its holding remains in doubt. The quarantine is gradually weakened, but the most casinos of the world's game mecca will reopen without poker.

In this regard, the question concerning the future of live poker after the quarantine arises. PartyPoker Ambassador Isaac Haxton shared his advice on this point.

Isaac Haxton’s thoughts about live poker after the quarantine

Isaac Haxton

In the interview with PartyPoker, Isaac Haxton said that he really missed live poker and its atmosphere. Isaac is of the opinion that the players are unlikely to meet at the real poker tables in the near future. He states that live poker is an excellent place for coronavirus spread, because the players are in the same room throughout the day, and they touch their faces, chips, cards etc. In addition, the distance between tables doesn’t exceed half a meter.

According to Haxton’s words, the international live poker festivals are even more dangerous. The players from all over the world contact with a large number of people (on the plane, in the airport, in a taxi). As a result, they visit casino in order to play poker.   

Haxton’s offers

Isaac Haxton ponders the rules of behaviour in the casino in order to ensure the players’ safety. He has a couple of suggestions:

  • It is necessary to abolish the rule that prohibits the players to hide their faces. However, it’s not worth implementing a wearing of mask as a mandatory measure.
  • It is prohibited to play live tournament by being sick.
  • Thorough disinfection of chips, cards and tables. Perhaps, there is a need to add antiseptic in a shuffle machine.
  • The tables should be placed in such a way as to have the distance between players more than half a meter.
  • The dealers should “serve the table” not for 30 minutes, but for an hour or two. Thus, the number of persons with whom the dealer contacts will decrease.

In addition, PartyPoker ambassador is against eating at the poker tables. He also encourages to implement 12-hour break between game days in order to have time to sleep, relax and eat.  

According to Haxton’s words, the game can start not at 12:00, but in the morning. This will allow taking a break for lunch, and the game day can finish before the closing of restaurants.

Isaac states that he is interested in people's thoughts about his advice. Poker community should discuss everything before returning to live poker. If you have any ideas concerning this matter, you can write them to Haxton's Twitter.

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