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It's too hard 2 watch.

Once again, I want 2 inform U that this downstreak do not me leave! Damn it, this is terrible, I can't even win all-ins on the preflop, with a 75% chance of winning!!! 😡 Yesterday I had terrible results and not one hit in the money, this saturday overshadowed my evening game((( from my bankroll absolutely nothing left, and this damn "bounty" series has just begun, I have no funds in the account, I'm a loser. Fck!

I have terrible situations during the game, sometimes I do not know what 2 do, what decision 2 make, I get confused( This is very upsetting. On the one turn, I play against loose opponents who catch their outs, on the other, strong players with their nuts! It seems impossible 2 win... I was in the game for a long time yesterday, I was so sad that I didn't even want 2 sleep, and I wasn't in tilt, it's a strange passive mood when everything is indifferent. Oh my godness, when will this stop? 😐

I really don't know, maybe I started playing poorly, maybe I should take my game apart, maybe play a lot on micro-limits so that this jump in dispersion leaves me. But I don't play too much 2 be a victim of this period in the game. In general, I don't understand anything, I was advised 2 watch my game with hands where I lost the most chips, most likely I will use this advice, but I don't expect 2 find much wrong actions, I think I'm playing correctly 😏 lol

This is my yesterday's game schedule, I only played 500+ hands, with such a terrible winrate! It just destroys me morally. Why am I so unlucky? Today is sunday, and I don't even know what will happen during the game, I will leave the tournaments quickly again or stay in them for long. But I know one thing for sure - my bankroll is only enough for today's session! F*cking poker. I don't have much patience left. Well, we'll see what happens later. I'm sorry that today I was write a short post, I'm not in the mood, really. See U soon! 😉

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