Jackpot Spin&Gold appeared at GGNetwork


On 28 February, Spin&Gold jackpots appeared at GGNetwork. They have four buy-in levels: $1, $5, $20 and $50. Challenge will be held in “spins” and you will be able to get an additional rakeback.

Spin&Gold Challenge

Spin&Gold participants can also count on the additional rakeback in the amount starting from $1.6 to $120. You will have six tasks to choose from.

In each mission, you should get a certain size of gold for the specified time. At the end of the game, the gold can be exchanged for an additional rakeback.

Buy-in1st place2nd place3rd place

Spin&Gold Challenge prize pool:

Levels1 hour2 hours3 hours5 hours8 hours
Level 1$0.12$0.26$0.42$0.8$1.4
Level 2$0.70$1.55$2.52$4.68$8.22
Level 3$1.87$4.11$6.72$12.6$22.4
Level 4$5.04$11.1$18$32.7$58.3
Level 5$15.9$34.6$56$102.7$183
Level 6$44.1$$94.5$151$283.5$500

Level structure

The game conditions depend on what multiplier will drop out. The multipliers for each limit start from ×2 and end with ×12 000.

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For the minimum multiplier, the starting stack will be 10 BB, for the maximum – 120 BB. Now it is possible to win $600 000 at Spin&Gold for $50. So if you still do not have an account, you can safely register at GGPoker and get a favorable first deposit bonus. 

Spin&Gold payouts

Basically, spins are played in “winner takes all” format. However, the payments in GGNetwork have their own characteristics:  

  • up to 10 – “the winner takes all”;
  • ×10 and ×25 – two poker players take the prize places;
  • from x120 – all 3 players get into prizes. The winner takes most of the prize pool. The player in second place will get more than the player who will finish third.

Insurance at Spin & Gold

Players can use insurance at Spin&Gold. It can be used as desired.

Insurance allows you to protect yourself from the multiplier x2. To do this, the player needs to pay 1 buy-in. In the case of the multiplier x2, the player is returned both buy-in and insurance.

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