January is definitely the month for Gold!

GOLD: ABOUT A FILM WHERE A MAN RISKS IT ALL!  BOTH HIS LIFE, LOVE AND MONEY...NOW THAT’S HIGH ROLLING....this film has it all, women, booze and casinos!  Full of action, excitement and surprising twists and turns...

Whether it is due to a renewed subscription on Amazon Prime, having hop-skipped from Netflix (sorry all you Netflix fans out there), but Amazon Prime, is just, well...better.  There are a wide variety of interesting films, cutting edge and enigmatic documentaries like ‘The Expanse’ which it’s sorry counterpart just cannot match for quality.  Actually, ‘The Expanse’ was previously on Netflix, but as it was about to lose funding and literally go into the metaphorical oblivion of non-existence, in stepped Amazon Prime to save the day!  We are now into the fifth season already.


Now onto my main topic of today’s blog; the film Gold (2016) staring Matthew McConaugheyand Edgar Ramirez.  You might be thinking, I thought this was a gambling blogging site? Well cardmates.net is (and full of great content from you bloggers out there I might add too!), but let me explain why this film is worth a watch and how it is connected to our world of gambling.  Bear with me.

McConaughey stars as Kenny Wells who helps to run a prospecting company, Washoe, with his father who he has great admiration for.  (I love the scene when his day stares out his office and says something like ‘what are we working for?  Sometimes risk it all for no reward at all.  In the end it is just all about...blue skies..’ McConaughey then follows by saying ‘that was the last time I saw my dad.’).  Seven years later, Kenny Wells and his team have run the company into the ground and are nearly dead broke.  Wells ends up selling his house and is living with his girlfriend, the house of which they also nearly have to sell, before he has a dream about Indonesia.


He flies over there and meets geologist Michael Acosta and together they go on a journey together with twists and firms and Acosta persuades Wells that he has found ‘the’ spot in the jungle where the gold is.  The employed Indonesian workers get to work, but after a period of time, Wells falls ill to a strain of Malaria and as money starts to run out all hangs in the balance.  Wells then ‘risks it all’ and gives Acosta his final two credit cards to keep the venture going, and really is him ALL IN.  Geologist, despairing knows this, makes up his decision and comes up with a plan.  When Kenny Wells finally comes to once he breaks through the Malaria daze (weeks later) Acosta tells him that they have struck very very lucky!

Of course the word gets out and all the big fish in the gold and investment firms within industry come in fast with their big cash dollars.  There are more twists and turns and eventually Kenny Wells wins the prestigious ‘golden pick’ an unprecedented award within the world mining community.  However the next day, Acosta disappears with $164 million dollars and the truth comes out that he had been lying the whole time!  Wells’ all in GAMBLE had completely failed and now he was in the sh&*...to find out what happens in the end, and it is very eye opening, watch the film either on Amazon Prime (top) or Netflix :))

Film rating: 10/10

When I watch a film twice, that means I really like it, and have to simply give it 10 out of 10!



Thanks for reading beautiful people!

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