Jason Koon Backs Dan Bilzerian's Claim of Earning Millions in Poker

Famous highroller Jason Koon confirms that Dan Bilzerian won millions in poker

As it is known, Dan Bilzerian has repeatedly claimed that he earned a significant part of his capital at the poker tables. But the words of the famous millionaire and playboy were often questioned by poker professionals, who believed that with the level of play of the "king of Instagram" he would hardly conquer even the micro-limits.

One of the most popular versions is that Bilzerian simply "laundered" his father's money in this way. But in reality, evidence of this has not yet been published anywhere.

Recently, the poker stories of the owner of the "IGNITE" brand were confirmed by none other than Jason Koon. In the Happy Hour podcast, the American high roller talked about one of the private games that took place at Bilzerian's house. According to him, everything happened in the best traditions of Dan's parties – the house was "just full of women in swimsuits".

Returning to the subject of poker, Koon said:

"Dan Bilzerian really won a lot of money in poker. I don't think he's still playing. He may be exaggerating his accomplishments a bit, but I know for a fact that this dude has won millions and millions of dollars against certain opponents."

However, there is a nuance in this story – at the beginning of his "poker career" Bilzerian started with a bankroll of about $200,000,000. Therefore, winning several tens of millions of dollars in cash games at high stakes really does not look so fantastic.

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