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Just one game) Game for friends)

How are U? 😏 I'm still resting, and I don't do anything else) I try to put my daily routine in order, but I can't do anything, it's sad. I can sleep all day and wake up at night, now it would be summer in my city and general I would change my city, maybe I would find something to do at night in another place) lol) In the meantime, I'm lying on the couch watching YouTube channels, and they're not about poker) I don't even have much to write about, I just played a home game at PokerStars yesterday and that's all, the only interesting thing is that I won it, and to be more precise, we shared the prize money when there were three of us left at the table) Let me show U the highlights of that game today 😉Until the final table, I just played all-in, waited for the best hand, and tried to win with it, and I did it) In the pre-final table stage, we played for quite a long time, so I lost my stack a bit. However, when I got to the final table, I slowly but surely made up for the loss, and very soon, there were three of us left 😎There was even an opportunity to play HU, but there was an annoying bad beat) And we continued to play for some time, passing chips to each other at the table, this probably could go on indefinitely, and we decided to agree on the division of prize money, on the condition that we get equal amounts 😜We made a quick deal and we were supposed to have $29 each, I think that's not bad) The game was played by 30 dudes, and the prize pool was 100 bucks) with five prizes) for the first place was $50) But we didn't play anymore, maybe it was a mistake, but we decided that friendship would win, and after mutual agreement, we all went all in) and as it happens, I won, two hands in a row 😏 yep!

All the same, I think these are good prize money for a freeroll) I spent a little time, and for the first time in two days I sat down to play cards) But in fact, I need to understand and pay attention to something else, namely my daily routine, as well as this damn repair! Just unbearable shit 😡 Or I'm such a completely lazy dude... I'm sad... 😒 Okay) I won't talk about bad things guys) I hope I can do it!

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also blocked tournaments for 1.1 $?

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Interesting and engaging post - nice work 

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Gl, bro!

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