King of combinations

    Today I thought that I would win with my combination of cards. But the opponent's combination was stronger. Or rather, the most powerful combination in poker, which we have been waiting for so long and when it comes we rejoice as children rejoice at a new toy.

     As you understand, we are talking about a combination of a Royal Flush.Royal Flush:

     If I were in his place, I would be insanely happy because he killed a strong combination with his combination and not just a top pair.
     That's why I love poker for these moments. This is a huge adrenaline rush. These emotions. These feelings.

     What do you feel when you catch a Royal Flush?

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full house !(

to be happy or sad ?!

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What do you feel when you catch a Royal Flush?

A very rare thing... I guess I've never catched it.. Need more game

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