Landon Tice surrendered in battle against Bill Perkins

Landon Tice against Bill Perkins

​Bill Perkins and Landon Tice managed to play 4 907 hands in heads-up battle. In total, 12 game sessions at $100/ $200 limit were played, after which Landon decided to give up.

The very big handicap before the game (9bb/ 100) became the reason for such a decision. Tice played with a winrate of 3.25bb/ 100, which was too little to win. Landon wrote about his surrendering on the Twitter page:

Landon surrendered in battle

In total, Tice lost $376 400 in this battle:

  • $176 400 based on the results of their battle (including handicap)
  • $200 000 for a lost bet

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Bill Perkins supported Tice's decision and wished him good luck in the future. For his victory, Bill thanked the trainers from HybridPoker, who helped him to prepare for the battle.

Unlike Perkins, other poker players became upset due to Tice's decision, as they bet a lot of money on him. On Twitter, Landon’s followers expressed their frustration, as they believed that Tice gave up too early.

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