Latvian player got $150K for a knockout in Grand Tour at PokerStars

Grand Tour 2020

In April, PokerStars introduced a new game called the Grand Tour, in which players receive prizes for knocking out other players, and the further they move, the more expensive prizes for knockouts they will get.   

Most often, winners of the last stage receive from $200 to $800, but there are also exceptions – six-digit wins. Such an exceptional case is the victory of the Latvian player with the "zjuupa" nickname.

The guy began his journey in the Grand Tour with $12, and at the end of the race, he managed to win big. Let’s have a look at his path to victory.

From $12 to $150 000

Zzjuupa has registered in the first tournament for $12 and started to play. He quickly beat his opponent and began the next round with a bounty of $24.

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One more victory and another step towards the goal: before the final race, the Latvian player's bounty was $60. It took him about 20 minutes to complete the first two rounds.

In the 7th minute of the final race, the guy entered the heads-up against "easybox00", and two minutes later he won the Grand Tour. After that, his balance was equal to $149 220, which is an amazing result. 

Top 5 Grand Tour winners

  • Zzjuupa – $149 222
  • DarkJaguar – $810
  • dirtycamrc – $440
  • lucaslucas7 – $381
  • smitty1515 – $336
  • lockederb85 – $246

Play at PokerStars and discover new formats of tournaments. They can not only be exciting, but also provide big prizes, as it happened to Zzjuupa.

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