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Loyalty program "Freebies" at PokerDom

PokerDom Freebies

All PokerDom players have a loyalty program called "Freebies". In order to gain bonuses in Freebies, you just need to play poker. You get cashback in two ways:

  1. Instant prizes.
  2. Weekly gifts

    Instant prizes

    Each new week will begin from a new start for PokerDom players, that is, with zero points in the Freebies bonus system. Each ruble of rake that the player generates will bring 1 point to his account. There are many levels in this system that can be achieved along with scoring of points.

    Table of points exchange for instant prizes

    StepPoints requiredInstant cash prizeTicket to "All-in Windfall"
    51 000100₽+
    61 000100₽+
    71 500160₽+
    81 500160₽+
    92 000220₽+
    102 000220₽+

    Ranks above level 26 can receive a cashback of more than 15 000 rubles.

    Weekly gifts

    In the Freebies promotion at PokerDom, you can win not only instant prizes, but also weekly gifts. Players who will reach a new rank will receive additional prizes in the form of no deposit bonuses.

    They can be activated in the "Gifts" section. Bonuses are cleared up with a small wager x1. Immediately after this, the funds will be available on your game account.

    Special tables

    On some cash tables you can score more points than on regular ones. Such tables will be marked with the words "Accelerated points scoring".

    There you can earn points with a higher coefficient. For example, if there is a + 50% mark at the table, then for every 10 rubles of rake you get 15 bonus points for the Freebies loyalty program.

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