Lucky time for a hamster

    How are you people

    I continue to conquer the 20 limit. So far, the worst times are over, and the apparatus began to give away debts.  Started to play my game as usual, but there were many situations where I won almost all of the all-in.  It's just super.  At the peak of 16,000 chips, WOW.  But I do not play for EV, but for profit, and he was

Result: +404$

Several hands

Putting in two, on such a board is suicide. But nowhere to go - I press call

The person who does not know the fold button, terrible call on the turn, thanks bro

Catching a monster from the flop on a min 3bet. Nice flop,  I'm attacking the check, but the river...  Perhaps you need to prick, but there may be more QQ KK AA.  But no, just 5% arrived

Such an outstanding gaming night, I wish you all success in this difficult matter!:)

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No status

So far, the worst times are over

poker players are so superstitious, so dont say that otherwise you jinx it!!!

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I believe in dispersion, not conspiracies :)

Vetal Expert

Result: +404$


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