MagicHoldem review

MagicHoldem is exactly what you need if you live in 2012! The program will work excellently on old versions of Windows.

This is an outdated program and we write about it only in informative way. We don’t recommend downloading and installing of MagicHoldem since it will not likely to work on your device. However, if you still want to install this software – you can try to do it.

Download MagicHoldem free of charge

Previously the soft was paid but currently you don’t need to pay for using the program. However, after downloading an eternal trial of MagicHoldem you will most likely see the following information: "It was not possible to determine Windows OS version, it is impossible to install the program!"

You can test MagicHoldem on your old computer in order to estimate all the advantages of the program.

What is MagicHoldem and why is it needed?

It is a poker calculator that displays your equity and other important information in real time. You don’t need to click on any buttons, choose cards – the program will do everything for you. All you have to do is use the displayed information to increase the profit.

Legality of MagicHoldem usage

You can use the program on PokerStars and on PokerKing, however we still advice you to clarify at the support service of your room whether you can use this program or other (in order to avoid possible problems). Also some rooms post lists of permitted/prohibited poker software on their sites.

What are MagicHoldem features?

The program provides you with the following information:

  • Strength of your hand on the preflop.
  • Your outs – you can see the probability of occurrence the desired combination in a window.
  • Dangerous outs that improve opponent’s hand.
  • Stats on players: VPIP, AFq, winning percentage.
  • Stats on your hands at every stage of the game.
  • Pot odds.
  • Statistics of your game.
  • Winning percentage of the opponents.

Currently, developers don’t support this application, so you can download it just for informational purposes.

If an opportunity to play in a poker-room where opponents don’t use poker soft (since it is banned there) is interesting to you, then RedStar or PokerDom will be an excellent variant for you.