Mike McDonald offers a new prop bet

Mike McDonald 2020

Everyone in the poker community knows that Mike McDonald loves to make prop bets. In his life, there have been a lot of arguments over money, and one of the last such challenges was a basketball bet. Mike showed excellent results in regard to free throws and took away six-figure prize money.

It was not easy to do that, as not every professional basketball player can hit 90 (out of 100) free throws in a row. Mike succeeded after weeks of hard training and is now preparing for a new bet.

The new challenge is that the poker player is going to become a chess grandmaster. MacDonald is used to setting himself ambitious goals, but chess is not that easy kind of sport.

There is one interesting amendment: this prop bet will not be time-limited, meaning that Mike has the rest of his life to complete it. Mike is ready to start training when he finds a person who agrees to bet at 1:10 ($400 000).

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If the poker player manages to become a grandmaster, then he will become $4 000 000 richer. If he fails, then the one who does not believe in his success will receive $4 million from Mike. Everyone understands that the challenge requires a great deal of time; therefore, McDonald is ready to pay an advance payment in case he does not manage to become a grandmaster while alive.

Such an offer generated great interest from the poker community. Bill Perkins, Dan Smith, and others have already inquired about the details of the prop bet on McDonald’s Twitter page.

Chess experts believe that such a serious achievement will take at least 10 years. So far, MacDonald is looking for somebody to agree to his wager; only then it will be possible to evaluate the poker player's chances of success.

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