"More Rake is Better"? How a poker player lost money due to rake on PokerStars

"More Rake is Better"?

"More Rake is Better" - this is a phrase that caused a flurry of criticism at Daniel Negreanu. The poker community did not appreciate such thoughts and accused Daniel of saying whatever PokerStars asked.

Negreanu believes these actions are aimed at improving the poker ecosystem, which will make online poker more attractive to recreational players. At one time, Douglas Polk shot a 15-minute video on this topic and explained in all details why Daniel was wrong.

Negreanu is now the ambassador of GGPoker, not PokerStars. Nevertheless, the rake on PokerStars has not decreased due to this fact. A "funny" story happened to one of the Russian poker players while he was playing at PokerStars...

Loss instead of a win

Player "Kuzmich239" wrote about this issue in his blog:

"I played cash games today at Stars in PLO8 at the limit of $1/$2. A fish sat down with me with a stack of 80 BB for the game. After about an hour, I completely crushed him, closed the table and waited for profit. But at the Cashier there was no more money, I even lost $30. Thanks PokerStars - more rake is better".

An unpleasant situation occurred due to the high rake at PokerStars, especially at the high-low tables. The rake is 5% with a CAP of $1.25 and thus, instead of +160 dollars, kuzmich239 got -30 dollars in the Cashier.

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