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«What infuriates you most about poker?» - it is a very interesting question, and every reg, probably, has his own unique answer. We have selected for you the most interesting, original, funny and vital answers to this question from regular poker players.

«I am pissed off by people who ask questions about "solvers" and "GTO" in the sections for beginners or micro-stakes players as if it will help to play on micro-limits, considering the rake and the fact that players play 7-9 offsuited».

«The most annoying thing for me is tournament players on television».

«When I watch the WSOP Main Event 2017 broadcast and see Mike Ruane behaving like an asshole in relation to John Hesp. Guys, be nice to amateur players!».

«I don’t like when offline players imitate their favorite professional. They wear glasses, hoods and hide their faces».

«Clones of Tom Dwan: they play with their mouth wide open and think for 30 seconds before they fold 6-7 in middle position».

«Those who say that durrr didn’t play well, but he was just at the right time and in the right place».

«People who say they fold 10-5 offsuit when the flop comes 10-10-5. Just stop talking, if you really want to play all hands in a row, you will still lose playing at a distance. Just stop. Nobody cares».

«Players who say "you are lucky" when you win with the nut flush against a younger flush. Why am I lucky? Actually, you are also lucky to collect the flash».

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«People who don’t know how to play and ask me what to do. I tell them how to play better, they listen to my piece of advice and lose. And then they get angry, "why did I listen to anyone at all?", "What was I just thinking about?"».

«When I’m said - "well played" after I left a tournament on the first hand».

«When a poker player, says "I'm sorry" after badbeating you at a live event. Ah, well, if you're sorry, so do you mind giving me the won pot back?».

«People who say they had been playing poker before I was born. Well, it’s a pity that you still open-raise 8x and get mad at my standard plays».

«People who start telling why AK hand is called Anna Kournikova and smile as if this is the best joke in the world».

«When a weak player wins a huge pot thanks to luck, and then he says, "I knew I was behind, but I had 8Ts, and this is my favorite hand. I never lose with it, so I could not just fold" Just stop talking».

«And the worst thing for me is when someone starts whining "how could you play that way?».

«When players don't let the girls play at the poker table in peace».

«This player who breathes heavily and thinks for 5 minutes over each action».

«When people take more than 30 seconds for a decision in easy situations».

Hellmuth and Polk

If to talk about professionals, then most annoying poker stars according to regular players are Doug Polk, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst.

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