Multi-accounting and team play led poker player to zero bankroll

Multi-accounting and team play

At the poker forums, you can read a lot of interesting stories from the players who share their “ups and down”.

Recently, for example, the user told a story at one of the poker forums, that PokerScam nearly ruined his life due to $200.

At the same forum, another user told a story of how he and his friends “earned” decent money by means of multi-accounting and team play on the questionable poker sites.

One of the users of the poker forum under the nickname "Rennaisance" told a story of how he turned from the honest poker player into the poker scammer, and why he wasn’t able to earn decent money.

How the honest player became a poker scammer

This is a European player who has been playing poker since 2009.  During this time, he managed to achieve good results and built a decent bankroll. Since 2011, he began to participate in the live tournaments. It all started when he went to Asia to play at WPT. In one of the tournaments, he even managed to enter the final table.

In the same series, he got acquainted with grinders who showed him the American-style poker sites with pretty “soft” software and the ability to use bitcoins for the deposits and withdrawals.  

Such an opportunity became a “breath of fresh air” for him, because before that time he grinded at PokerStars where a lot of strong players played. Together with his new friends, he started to grind on these sites. Soon, he did it on a regular basis from 3 accounts in the room with 4 other poker players.   

The poker player realized that team play in the tournaments and multi-accounting on the poker sites with weak protection was quite profitable business. The opportunity to enjoy the luxurious life and travel around the world by grinding 5-7 hours per day convinced him to act in the same manner.

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There is no pleasure from cheating

After a while, he began to realize that he was doing something really bad. The poker player wasn’t able to understand how his "colleagues" lived carefree by cheating.

According to his words, such an activity turned into a usual routine, which didn’t bring any pleasure.

Almost a year later, he realized that he didn’t want to do this.  He said that good feelings from the game gradually disappeared. He constantly wondered whether he was doing the right things in his life.

Nevertheless, he realized that online poker stopped bringing pleasure for him as it was earlier. The poker player spent his bankroll on luxurious life, until he finally went bankrupt.

He returned to Europe with a feeling of exinanition and without understanding why he liked to be in that environment from the very beginning of his wrong activity.

The poker player said in his post that he earned the best money when he played online poker honestly from one account. At the moment, his bankroll is still at zero level because of the feeling of emptiness.

Such experience became the valuable lesson for the poker player. Despite the fact that he earned more than $20 000 per month without too much effort, he really regrets it.

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