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My terrible session today

Hi, Guys!

I played the worst session in 10 days of playing PokerKing. I do not know how to play to stay in the black. I have more profitable sessions, but I am in the red in terms of the amount of money, because I lose more in unprofitable sessions.

My session started almost immediately with a very unpleasant hand. Pre-flop All-in:

My two biggest pots for the session that I won:

There were also a huge number of hands where I couldn't get a better hand: I either folded my hand before the showdown or lost on the showdown.

I have to learn to lose less on days when the card doesn't go at all.

Very very bad day in poker to me.

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I play freerolls, save up start bankroll, want to play cash games, and dream to raise by the stakes.
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