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Nanoexperiment (part2): SnG $ 1.50

We continue the experiment. After an easy upswing at a limit of $ 0.50, I naturally, like any reasonable player, expect cool results with a limit higher. Fat chance! What is the difference between $ 1.50 and $ 0.50? Basic arithmetic suggested that they differ exactly three times. And that was my first surprise. The limit increased, but the rake did not change. All the same, although not frightening 13.6%.

The following surprise was prepared for me in the second hand of the first tournament. I started to lose chips. But seriously: I'm not in the blind, I fast-folding with the first hand the garbage that has come, I switch to the lobby for registration in additional tournaments, and by the second hand my stack has decreased.

Registration for tournaments was immediately terminated. A case has been opened regarding the loss of chips. During the prompt investigation, it was found that also my neighbors had lost their chips. Ante had taken responsibility for what happened.

Yes, the structure is different at the limits of $ 0.50 and $ 1.50. An untrained person who has not been in the SnG lobby for so many years can be taken aback from the first level.

Then the tournaments surprised me, in which in 30 minutes no one could fly off at all. But to a large extent this was the end of the surprise. I dragged a few negative moves with $ 0.50 with me, which I had to quickly fix. And I have a feeling that I would have played better starting right away at $ 1.50, rather than going over after $ 0.50. But otherwise, the difference between the limits seemed cosmetic. Even the speed of filling the tables have changed slightly. And given that I was again upswing, the results are not much different.





Again I have more chips and BB for EV then expected. Alas, the objectivity of any poker experiment spoils some subtle shortage or surplus. The maximum that is in our power is to increase the distance. Considering that I'm interested in SnGs, the $ 3.16 + $ 0.34 limit plan will increase to 150 tournaments in 5 days.

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nice comparison of limits!

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SanSan1Time user
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Good results, keep it this way and waiting for the 3.5$ feedback.

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nanoshark user
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deviles2006 user
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nice)  waiting next part) 

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