Negreanu and Polk returned to their battle after a New Year's pause

Negreanu and Polk

Negreanu and Polk played exactly half of their heads-up battle by the end of 2020. Before the New Year holidays, the number of hands played reached the mark of 12 500 and the poker players decided to take a break.

At that time, Negreanu was losing to Polk about $800 000 and many doubted whether Daniel would continue to play. Moreover, the participants of challenge have opportunity to finish their game in the middle of their confrontation.

Сhallenge reached the middle and Negreanu “sank into thinking”. After that, he published on Twitter the following post:

Negreanu's post

On 4 January, the poker players met at the poker table of online format. The game session lasted three hours and 650 hands were played.

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In the first session after the New Year, Negreanu won $27 000 and this result pleased him. Despite the fact that this amount is small and he has gone into the red by $750 000, any winnings give the hope for a positive result.

The decisive hand of that evening was a hand in which Negreanu shoved on preflop with a pair of aces, and Douglas Polk called with a pair of kings. Nobody is immune from cooler and Polk lost this session.

There are still about 12 000 hands ahead, but the game is carried out at high stakes and everything can change. Polk's handicap is serious, and maybe Negreanu will make a comeback and achieve the victory.  

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