Daniel Negreanu is among the most intelligent people on Earth

Daniel Negreanu 2020

Most people have their intelligence tested with an IQ test for once in their lives. This test is the most popular way to determine one’s intellectual faculties.

Different people have different results; hence, there is a small percentage of people who can be called genius to some extent. Famous poker player Daniel Negreanu is a part of a small group of people with high IQ.

Mensa is an organization that brings together people with high IQs. These are people who have passed the IQ test better than 98% of the world's population. Negreanu has passed the test successfully and, therefore, is entered the society of the most intelligent people across the globe.

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The given organization deals with various studies that produce positive effects on the intellectual development of people. Martin Cooper, the engineer who created a mobile phone, is among the members of this organization. Also, Mensa's list of members includes Markus Persson. He is a creator of the popular Minecraft game.

It should be noted that Negreanu is not the only poker industry representative in this organization. It also includes well-known female player Liv Boeree, who also has a degree in astrophysics. However, Liv has moved away from poker and now runs an educational YouTube channel.

Negreanu shared the good news with his fans on Twitter. The poker player also added that he had taken the test at the first attempt; meanwhile, he does not consider his result to be genius.

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The problem with IQ tests is that on the Internet they are created by ordinary people, not geniuses.

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