Negreanu lost to Polk in the last session again

Negreanu against Polk

Heads-up battle between Douglas Polk and Daniel Negreanu is getting interesting, given the fact that Polk actively continues to win large sums of money from his opponent.

In the last poker session, they played 662 hands and Polk won from Negreanu another $101 710. Thus, the American player increased the gap between him and his Canadian rival by $784 560.

According to Polk’s post on Twitter, the gap of $784 560 is official figures. In total, they played over 8 970 hands as part of this challenge.

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Daniel Negreanu wrote a post on Twitter regarding the challenge with Douglas Polk:

Negreanu wrote a post

It is obvious that Negreanu is in a much larger "abyss" than he expected. Slowly but steadily, the poker players come close to 50% of hands played, however Polk has an impressive advantage. The Canadian player has to work seriously on his game in order to recoup his losses.

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