Negreanu at WSOP Online: 32 ITMs and 0 final tables

Daniel Negreanu 2020

The World Series of Poker, which took place online this year, ended on Sunday, September 6. Let's take stock of the game of one of the brightest and most famous poker players – Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu and his self-confidence

Before the start of the series, Daniel was in a fighting mood; the guy offered other poker players a $1 000 000 wager that he would win a gold bracelet at the WSOP 2020, either online or offline. For better or worse, there was no person who strongly believed in Negreanu's failure and could take risks with one million dollars.

However, there were some players who bet a few thousand dollars against Negreanu. For example, Negreanu's namesake Daniel Strelitz bet $2 000 against Negreanu's $5 000 that KidPoker would not be able to win the gold bracelet.

Negreanu didn’t win a single bracelet at the WSOP Online 2020, but Strelitz doesn’t have to rush to claim for his cash prize, as there was one important clarification in Negreanu’s words: the poker player mentioned the word «offline». Given that the organizers of the series do not rule out the possibility that the WSOP 2020 may take place in a live format in Las Vegas, Negreanu still has a chance of winning the prop betting. Besides, he can gain the bracelet at the upcoming WSOP Europe.

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In order to conduct a live poker series in Las Vegas, it is necessary that the number of people infected with coronavirus across the world significantly reduced. Unfortunately, this number is growing with every passing day, therefore, the odds that the World Series of Poker will take place offline in Vegas this year are about the same percentage as the chances that Bilzerian will win the gold bracelet.

Negreanu and his impulsive behavior

Daniel’s participation in WSOP Online is remembered chiefly for his impulsive actions. During one of the first streams, the guy nearly broke his laptop due to disconnects.

Two weeks later, one of the Twitch channel viewers insulted Negreanu’s wife, after which Daniel began to use foul language. The audience's reaction was not long in coming: Negreanu’s Twitch channel was banned, so the poker player had to shift to Youtube to continue broadcasting his play.

Negreanu and his achievements

Could it be said that Negreanu’s participation at the WSOP Online was successful? It’s a moot point, as the poker player failed to reach his main goal to win the gold bracelet. Moreover, he didn’t manage to get to the final table of a single bracelet event.

But, it can be described as very productive participation: Negreanu has recorded thirty-two ITMs throughout the series. There were a total of 85 bracelet events held at two gaming platforms: 31 events were carried out at and 52 tournaments took place at GGPoker. Thus, Daniel got in the money in more than a third of all WSOP 2020 events, which is an excellent result.

TournamentBuy-inNergeanu's result
WSOP Event #2$1 00018th place and $5 849
WSOP Event #3$400275th place and $677
WSOP Event #6$60059th place and $1 304
WSOP Event #9$1 00096th place and $1 852
WSOP Event #12$500205th place and $1 092
WSOP Event #13$1 50027th place and $6 381
WSOP Event #16$50086th place and $1 169
WSOP Event #17$777123rd place and $1 354
WSOP Event #20$50025th place and $2 814
WSOP Event #21$77730th place and $5 145
WSOP Event #22$50032nd place and $2 913
WSOP Event #23$50025th place and $2 770
WSOP Event #24$400193rd place and $867
WSOP Event #25$500183rd place and $970
WSOP Event #26$50092nd place and $1 576
WSOP Event #17$1 50039tn place and $12 911
WSOP Event #53$800105th place and $1 795
WSOP Event #55$8 00061st place and $5 665
WSOP Event #54$10 00013th place and $24 832
WSOP Event #56$1 50033rd place and $8 721
WSOP Event #57$150984th place and $382
WSOP Event #58$5 00039th place and $14 599
WSOP Event #59$2 500152nd place and $5 478
WSOP Event #60$525329th place and $680
WSOP Event #61$30064th place and $458
WSOP Event #64$84085th place and $1 581
WSOP Event #63$5001 458th place and $1 356
WSOP Event #68$500320th place and $1 065
WSOP Event #69$1 50086th place and $4 397
WSOP Event #71$50493rd place and $611
WSOP Event #80$60040th place and $2 768
WSOP Event #83$10 000128th place and $21 483

Negreanu in the future

One may wonder whether Negreanu will show such great results in 10 or 20 years. It's hard to tell, given that we don't know how the poker game is to be changed in decades.

Nevertheless, Negreanu remains one of the most famous poker players and can be called the face of poker. It's always more interesting to watch him playing offline than online, therefore, we hope that humanity will soon overcome the coronavirus so that we will see Daniel and other poker players at the live poker series again.

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