Negreanu sold his action at WSOP Europe

Daniel Negreanu

It was never a problem for Daniel Negreanu to sell his action to any particular event. It is worth remembering, that his shares were snapped up at WSOP 2019 in a matter of minutes. Therefore, after preparing his package for WSOP Europe 2019, he primarily decided to give a chance to buy an action to those, who missed to do this for the series in Las Vegas (it is about 8,000 persons).

As a result, only a quarter of the list received e-mails with a link to a private sale, and the shares ran out.

Negreanu put 50% of his package up for sale which cost €711,700 or $782,870 without makeup (but with 5% fee for payments’ processing).  

984 people bought shares in the amount of $400,000.

Many of those who received the link didn’t manage to use their chance and saw the message “Sold Out”. It means that all shares were sold.

Negreanu sold his action at WSOP Europe

Negreanu encouraged them not to be upset about it and promised that the next time when he put shares up for sale, those people will be the first in the queue for purchasing. Those, who didn’t receive the link this time, they will get it the next time.

The players, who were able to buy Negreanu's shares at WSOPE, can wait for the beginning of series and cheer for Daniel. Negreanu is committed to active play and announced that he will shoot daily video blogs from Rozvadov, as he did in Las Vegas.

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