Negreanu suggests using a chess clock in poker tournaments

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A few days ago, Daniel Negreanu reached out to his Twitter followers, making an interesting suggestion. The poker player believes that during poker tournaments a chess clock should be used. Here is what he wrote:

Daniel Negreanu twitter

According to KidPoker, the chess clock procedure should be applied as follows:

  • A player is given 5 minutes to make decisions – they can dispose of this time however they wish during 2 hours of playing.
  • Every two hours the time is reset.
  • Your clock starts 5 seconds after your turn to act comes.
  • If a poker player spends all the time in 2 hours, then they will be given 15 seconds for each decision for the remainder of the 2-hour period. If the player fails to make a decision within the time limit, their hand will be considered dead.

Negreanu added that the standard poker time counter gave an edge to players who like thinking too long. And there may be not enough time to think about how to act in difficult spots.

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On Twitter, Jamie Kerstetter supported Daniel’s initiative.

Jamie Kerstetter 2021

How do you feel about the suggestion? Are you for or against it? Feel free to leave comments expressing your opinion below.

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