Negreanu won $143 640 in the last round against Polk

Negreanu against Polk

Douglas Polk obtained a clear advantage of almost a million dollars in his heads-up challenge against Daniel Negreanu.

Nevertheless, despite the huge gap of $957 930 in favor of Polk, Negreanu managed to resist the tilt and he began to recoup.

According to the results of last session, Daniel Negreanu won $143 640 from Douglas Polk within 834 hands.

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Thanks to this victory, the Canadian poker pro has reduced the gap to $814 290. In total, the professionals have played 10 784 hands out of 25 000 ones that are planned to be played in this challenge.

Douglas Polk commented on his defeat on Twitter page:

Polk's post on his Twitter page

His opponent also made a small comment on his Twitter page, where he noted a "fun fact". During their entire challenge, they played 25 all-ins to the river and Negreanu failed to become the winner in none of them.

Now, the Canadian pro should continue in the same spirit if he wants to get the long-expected victory.

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