Nevada adopted new regulations concerning the gambling establishments’ operation

The quarantine related to coronavirus pandemic caused a significant damage to the global gambling industry.

The United States are in a critical situation, since they are the world leader in the speed of pandemic spread. The similar situation is observed in the American gambling establishments.

In mid-March, the Governor of Nevada ordered to close all casinos in the state for at least a month.

Recently, the Mayor of Las Vegas asked the US authorities to allow the opening of gambling establishments, otherwise this could lead to the serious negative consequences.

The prohibition on gambling establishments’ operation was valid until April 30, 2020. Nevertheless, the gambling regulator of Nevada “The Nevada Gaming Control” announced the new temporary rules for the casino operation. Subject to these rules, the casinos can resume their work.

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The load for each game table should be no more than 50%. For example, no more than four players should be seated at 8-max table, and a special partition plate between the players should be set at each table.

Moreover, all gaming equipment must undergo an additional disinfection process, and all casino employees must strictly follow the rules of hygiene.

All necessary information on the precautionary measures should be available in the casinos. The casino owners should minimize the number of personal contacts between the guests of establishments.

The game places that are used intensively are the subject to additional disinfection process. If the casinos meet all these requirements of gambling regulator, they will be able to resume their work.

Given the new rules of  If the casinos meet all these requirements of gambling regulator, they will be able to resume their work., the holding of big live poker series is not yet possible.

Obviously, the income of American casinos will decrease significantly. It is also not clear how long the gambling establishments will operate under the new rules.

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