New "Club Games" section appeared in PartyPoker lobby

Club Games at PartyPoker

PartyPoker is one of the top poker rooms, and it regularly releases fresh updates that are designed in order to attract as many players as possible. At the beginning of May, we wrote about Spins Ultra and other updates at PartyPoker.

The team of one of the best poker rooms in the world decided not to stop and added “Club Games” section to the lobby of game client. Thanks to this section, you are able to create the private tables, as well as to play at PartyPoker with your friends.

Private tables in online poker rooms began to rapidly gain popularity due to the massive closure of casinos around the world because of quarantine measures. At the end of March, we wrote about the appearance of private cash tables of two popular casinos at PartyPoker.

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Thanks to the new section, each player will be able to create his own poker club. One player will be allowed to create up to five clubs in total. Also, he can create up to five tables in each of them.

So far, only cash tables can be created within the game club. The game at these tables will be held under the real names, and the loyalty program works according to the standard system. Also, the rake will be extracted at these tables according to the standard system.

The administrators of given clubs will be prohibited to take money for participation in them, as well as to offer money or other rewards for joining the club. It is also prohibited to promote your club or invite the members through the other sites.

The rakeback system as part of the game at these tables will also be carried out according to the standard scheme.

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