New Guinness record: player streamed for 124 hours non-stop

New Guinness

​Zach Gensler began to play on October 27 at 15:00, and he stopped on November 1 at 19:00. Zach played within 124 hours (over five days) and broke the Guinness World Record for the longest poker session.

The poker player has been preparing for a new record for several years. His previous best result is considered 80 hours of non-stop play at Aria Casino without streaming. However, he planned to cope with more difficult task, namely to break Phil Laak's record in stream duration. Phil set the previous world record of 115 hours at the Bellagio poker room in June 2010.

Zach Gensler is a 49-year-old painter. However, poker is his hobby and he even consider moving to Las Vegas with his wife in the near future.

How Zach managed to break a Guinness record

A clock was set on the TV monitor, and staff were present all the time to make sure that Zach was dealt every hand. Gensler also tweeted a photo or video every hour (you can see it on his @timetraveler524 page).

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It is worth noting that there were still short breaks in Zach's play. He didn’t want to rest for more than 15 minutes, but Guinness was always concerned about safety. As a result, they insisted on several longer breaks for reasons of his health. Gensler used one break to take a quick nap, but there was a good quality sleep.

By the way, Phil Laak earned nearly $7 000 in his record attempt in 2010, but Gensler went into the red (- $1 200). After the 90 hours of play, he was in profit ($800), but then he lost his session.

According to Gensler’s words, he didn’t change his strategy, but looking back, he needed to play more aggressively. If someone breaks his record, Zach will be happy to congratulate a new record holder.

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