New Multi MILLION$ tournament series at GGNetwork


Several years ago, the tournaments with a million guarantee were held only at PokerStars, while the other poker rooms didn't have enough resources to do this. Now, the situation has changed and the tournaments with $1 000 000 guarantee took place in almost all top poker rooms.

The poker rooms of GGNetwork, including GGPoker, are no exception. GGPoker grants you an opportunity to compete in the tournaments with a million guarantee on Sundays.

Three key Multi MILLION$ tournaments

At the beginning of 2020, a freezeout tournament called GGMasters began to take place in GGPoker. Its guarantee increased steadily and reached the mark of $500 000. Since 1 June, three tournaments that have even bigger guarantee than the flagship GGMasters appeared in the lobby:

  • Zodiac MILLION$ with ¥500 buy-in and ¥1 000 000 guarantee.
  • Global MILLION$ with $100 buy-in and $1 000 000 guarantee.
  • High Roller MILLION$ with $500 buy-in and $2 000 000 guarantee.

The final of each of these three events will take place on Sunday. There will be several starting days in the tournaments in order to collect more registrations and avoid overlay. There are also satellites with the buy-ins from $10 for these tournaments.  

Global MILLION$ has $100 buy-in and $1 000 000 guarantee. In order to cover the guarantee, it’s needed to collect 10 000 entries, but this is a rather difficult task.

Each of these events is ready to set a record. Zodiac MILLION$ tournament will become the biggest event played in yuans, Global MILLION$ will be the cheapest event with $1 000 000 guarantee, and High Roller MILLION$ will be the largest regular event in online poker.

Multi MILLION$ full schedule

Three above mentioned tournaments will have several starting days. Here are the full schedule of Multi MILLION$:

DayTime (UTC)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
Weekdays06:30Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Weekdays09:00Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Weekdays11:30Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Weekdays12:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Weekdays17:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Weekdays20:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Weekdays23:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Weekdays16:00High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Weekdays18:30High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Weekdays21:00High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Weekdays23:30High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Sunday06:00Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Sunday08:00Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Sunday09:30Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Sunday10:30Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Sunday12:00Zodiac MILLION$¥500¥1 000 000
Sunday12:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Sunday14:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Sunday15:30Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Sunday16:30Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Sunday18:00Global MILLION$$100$1 000 000
Sunday13:00High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Sunday15:00High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Sunday16:30High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Sunday17:30High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
Sunday19:00High Roller MILLION$$500$2 000 000
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