"Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promo at PokerStars

"Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promotion

​In addition to the big SCOOP 2021 series, the poker room team together with PokerStars Ambassador Neymar have prepared another surprise for its players.

From 14 April to 8 May, PokerStars is hosting the "Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promotion, and a share of $1 000 000 will be awarded as part of it.

All interested players can take part in the promo. To participate, just register in the promo in "Tasks" tab and play at PokerStars for real money.

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After registering, a playing "football field" with 43 cells will appear. Playing at PokerStars for money, you will fill the progress bar and thus earn special chips.

Playing field of "Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promo

Each of the chips will indicate your number of moves. In just one time, you can move forward in four cells. There are also nine balls on the playing field, and in the case of hitting them, you can win the prize money up to $400 (depends on your Stars Rewards level, and the type of prize money depends on what you play).

If you hit a cell with an arrow, you will be moved to a cell according to the arrow direction. When you complete all 42 cells, you are guaranteed to receive a cash prize from $2 to $20 000 (it also depends on your Stars Rewards level).

The probability of prize money after moving forward in all the cells of the playing field in "Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promo is as follows:

ProbabilityBlue levelBronze levelSilver levelGold levelDiamond levelBlack level
0,1250$500$1 000$5 000$15 000$20 000$

Play at PokerStars for real money and earn the extra prizes in "Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase" promotion!

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