Niklas "lena900" Astedt is a chipleader of WSOPC ME final table

Niklas Astedt 2021

Online poker legend Nicklas Astedt may claim another big win this Saturday as he makes the chip lead at WSOPC Main Event's final table. Astedt needs no introduction as he has been #1 in the world at PocketFives for a long period of time and his name has always been around.

The Main Event will be a beautiful conclusion to a major WSOPC series at GGPoker. Main event turned out to be very popular, collecting 14 496 entries for $525 and players outbidding the guarantee for $2 248 000.

Who is in the final?

The nine finalists will compete for the lion's share of the $7 248 000 prize pool. We have already noted Niklas Astedt, and now can go further.

Twitch viewers will have someone to look at, because the final will be played by GGPokerSquad member Patrick Tardiff with the nickname "Egption". At this tournament, Patrick found investors and five people bought out his shares and will receive 20% of Tardiff's winnings.

Also David Michikovski will be playing in the final, who won the $5 000 WSOP event in 2014. This time it will be much more difficult for him to win, because there are only 14 BBs in the stack so it is quite short.

Chip count of the final table of ME WSOPC

  1. Niklas Astedt (Sweden) – 149,037,043 (75 ББ)
  2. "aoteman1888" (China) – 104,740,292 (52 ББ)
  3. "sssssAK" (China) – 97,738,705 (49 ББ)
  4. "F Spielmann" (UK) – 93,472,602  (47 ББ)
  5. "Promoking" (UK) –  90,001,299 (45 ББ)
  6. Patrick "Egption" Tardiff (Canada) – 60,713,588 (30 ББ)
  7. "Freedom35" (Brasil) 48,840,768 – (24 ББ)
  8. "Noksukow" (Poland) – 47,481,414 (24 ББ)
  9. David Michikovski (USA) – 28,070,997 (14 ББ)

When can I watch the final?

The final table kicks off on June 5 at 18:00 GMT. The tournament organizers will broadcast on the official GGPoker channels.

How to bet on a winner?

We remind you about the GGPoker function called "Final Table betting". You can choose your favorite, put money on hum/her, and, if successful, make good money. The situation for the final is as follows:

Final table betting

You can place a bet directly in the GGPoker game client. To do this, click on the "Final Table Betting" tab in the tournament lobby. Who do you think will win the tournament?

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