NL2 game (PokerStars) # 5

Good Evening! Once again, I congratulate you all on the Old New Year holiday! I wish you more successful tables and victories in the game this year!!!! 

I played the New Year's Eve session, which was extremely successful, and managed to win a couple of other dollars 

here is the session itself for 13.01.2021 I would like to play more, but it's time for a festive table!!!

The most successful , in terms of winning, was this hand....

The game proceeded quite easily, many times they gave out good hands , which also had to be thrown off as the FLOP spoiled everything....

Here is the result! Have a good game! it's time to celebrate the holiday!!!

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I play poker and want to find like-minded people in the industry. I play cash on nl2, relatively not so long ago.
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