PartyPoker notes disappeared after updates. How to fix the problem? Step-by-step instruction

How to fix the problem with notes at PartyPoker

PartyPoker updated its client in order to make the notes more convenient, namely, they gave opportunity to make the notes for PartyPoker players in a hand replayer. Such an idea is very useful, but unfortunately, there are two important moments:

  • So far, the new function doesn’t work for everyone and it doesn’t always work correctly;
  • After PartyPoker made updates, most players faced the disappearing of notes in the poker room.

If you also faced such a problem and your PartyPoker notes disappeared after the update, then we will try to help. This material is specially for those whose notes disappeared and stopped displaying in PartyCaption.

Solving the problem with the notes at PartyPoker

Before you start solving the problem, consider the following important points:

  • Precautions: before making changes to files, make the backup copies in the convenient place for you on your PC. In case of mistake or other unforeseen situation, you will have the original text documents and opportunity to return everything back. It is important to do this anyway, even if you follow the instructions of poker room or a proven site/ forum. The process of transferring or deleting files in the structured folders of the room doesn’t always lead to the desired result the first time, so it will be better to be overcautious.
  • PartyPoker client must be inactive at the time of making changes indicated in the instruction below.
  • NewNotesColor.txt and PCaptionNotes.txt files may be in a different folder if you replaced them there earlier.

Here are a short step-by-step instruction on how to solve the problem with notes at PartyPoker.

Stage one: return the colored PartyPoker marks:

  1. Open folder Local disk:\ Programs\ PartyGaming\ PartyPoker (most often the process starts from disk C to which PartyPoker is installed by default, but you may have a different local disk).PartyPoker folder
  2. From NewNotesColor.txt text file, copy all the information into the text document TempNewColor.txt. It means transferring the content of document.​
  3. Open DefaultColors.txt file in the same folder PartyGaming\ PartyPoker. 
  4. In the text document TempNewColor.txt (to which you copied the notes earlier), open Edit => Replace.PartyPoker TempNewColor.txtIn the line “Find what”: write color1, and in the line “Replace with”: write the code opposite color1 in DefaultColors.txt document, i.e. 243.35.1 and click “Replace all”.How to return the colored PartyPoker marks
  5. Similarly, we make a replacement for all colors. If there is no code opposite the color, then skip.
  6. Save. After these steps, PartyPoker color marks should return.

Stage two: return the notes to PartyCaption:

In the same client folder, find PCaptionNotes.txt file and copy all the information from it to TempNewNotes.txt file. Save all the actions.

That's all. After that, PartyPoker notes should return and work as before. We hope we will help you to solve the problem with notes at PartyPoker. If you still have questions on this matter, leave them in the comments.

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