Ohio Uses Playing Cards in Prisons to Locate Missing Persons

Missing persons cards

As it is known, card games are one of the most popular ways of spending time behind bars. One public foundation in Ohio decided to put it to good use.

Cleveland Missing, a nonprofit organization, helps families of missing people and distributes special decks of cards to prisons in Northern Ohio. On each card you can see information and photos of people whom the police have not been able to find.

"We selected unsolved cases between 2000 and 2017/19. These are old cases, which are very rarely mentioned in the media," says the representative of Cleveland Missing.

Members of the public organization hope that during the game the prisoners can discuss this or that episode with missing people, and some of them will convey this information to the law enforcement agencies. To do this, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation phone number is listed on the cards.

This is not the first time that playing cards are used for more global purposes. One of the most vivid examples is a special deck of cards from Bicycle, which helped the military find a way out of enemy territory.

During the Second World War, the popular company Bicycle, together with the British and American secret services, created a deck of cards that delaminated when wet. By splitting the card in half, inside the military could see secret evacuation maps that could be used to return downed pilots and captured soldiers to Allied positions.

Now these playing cards for the military can only be seen at auctions, where they are sold for huge sums of money.

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