Olivier Busquet: "We need to form a poker union"

Olivier Busquet 2020

Poker professional Olivier Busquet, who managed to earn over $9 000 000 in the live events and more than $840 000 in online MTT, proposed to form a poker union. He wrote about it on his Twitter:

According to his words, such a poker union can form a leverage power:

That was not a new idea of creation a union for poker players. Patrick Leonard already tried to promote it in 2018. At that time, his proposal got a positive feedback from the professional colleagues, however his offer wasn’t realized. Perhaps, the given subject will become more active in 2020 due to the poker transition to online because of coronavirus pandemic. Besides, the issues of fairness and justice in online games became more topical than ever before.

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​​Busquet’s idea was supported by many professionals, such as Dan Smith, Faraz Jaka, Rob Yong and of course Patrick Leonard.

In the comments to Olivier’s post, Rob Yong suggested Phil Galfond and John Duffy candidates as members of poker union. According to his words, these players can be trusted.

However, Busquet said that he would prefer not so famous persons in the union, especially as the heads of this "movement". In his understanding, this might be a grinder with modest earnings, and who is not a part to the conflict of interests. His main mission must be an improvement of conditions for professional community.  

In this matter, Patrick Leonard is more inclined to Yong’s opinion:

Twitter post

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