Online poker vs live poker

Online poker vs live games

At the turn of the century, the game has seen many changes. With the appearance of online poker, it is no longer necessary to travel at the world's end in an attempt to play live games. Online poker attracted a lot of money and increased general interest in the industry due to its convenience and availability.

Those who play live poker for the first time experience stress. This is because online poker and live game means two different things. So, let's look at the advantages of online poker and find out why many players prefer virtual tables.​

Online poker convenience

Only a couple of mouse clicks separates you from playing online. As for the live games, you can face the distance that you should cover for the sake of playing, as well as accommodation costs, food expenses, etc. Even if there is a poker club near your house, you should take a shower, get dressed, go outside... However, you can play online at home in your birthday suit.

In addition, there are more games online, more disciplines and opponents. You can even play at the 16 tables simultaneously.


Playing at the several tables simultaneously is the main reason according to which the number of online hands is much higher than at the live tables. You have opportunity to play cash games and tournaments at the same time, which has a positive effect on your bankroll. This is a strong argument why poker admirers prefer online vs live poker.

No need to keep poker face online

You don’t have to control any emotions in online events. You are able to smash the mouse against the wall after a bad beat, criticize your opponent's bad play, etc. However, this is strictly forbidden offline. Moreover, you can be reprimanded or set a restriction on visiting poker club for aggressive behavior at the table (throwing chips, cards).

online poker vs live poker

More bad players at online tables

In contrast to online poker, offline players are more responsible for their action, because their rivals will immediately understand their skill. As for the virtual tables, there are enough trash: strange and logically unjustified decisions. However, this is a plus for the disciplined and competent players.

Today, the Internet is full of educational resources, free streams, etc. The poker admirers started to play online more competently. Nevertheless, you won’t feel ashamed at the virtual tables for bad decisions. This is an important difference between online poker vs live poker.     

Wide variety of limits 

The ability to play at the low limits can become a saving grace for the poker player who tries to build his bankroll from scratch. In online, you can find very small limits starting from $0.10 to $1.00. When trying to build your bankroll in online poker at the low limits, the amount of money you lose during the play will be significantly lower than offline.

More hands played per hour

Online poker is an incredible invention! Sitting at the virtual table, you get experience many times faster than the fans of live poker, because online hands are dealt much more often. Large number of hands played will help you to increase profits and develop the important skill, such as making decisions quickly.

Availability of poker soft

Whether to use poker soft or not – everyone decides for himself. However, poker programs can help you understand your play, find mistakes and make the game more profitable. Such soft will also help you to gain advantages over your rivals.

Poker soft

There are a wide variety of poker programs: GTO simulators, charts, calculators and much more, so almost every poker player will find something interesting for himself. It is worth noting that this option is available only at the virtual tables!


You can play online from anywhere in the world with the access to Internet. Many poker rooms have a mobile version and application, which gives even more opportunities to enjoy the game. If you suddenly want to play poker from your laptop on the road, you can use your smartphone as an Internet access point!

Poker site diversity

Demand creates supply. Today, there are a huge number of poker rooms that focus on bonuses for deposits, and they may be known for a weak players’ field. A wide variety of poker rooms allows you to choose the appropriate variant that will help to achieve the necessary goal: for example, to improve your poker skill, or maybe to make money on the weak players. In addition to all the "goodies" described above, you can choose the time of tournament that suits you.

Rakeback and bonuses

Poker rooms attract the players with the lucrative offers like rakeback and other pleasant bonuses. These offers will help you to collect some extra money during the game process. This is a big fish in a little pond! These benefits are pushing the players to move to online poker.

Rakeback and bonuses from poker rooms


As you can see, online poker has many advantageous. To summarize, it is worth highlighting the most important things when playing online. You should play only when you are in tune for the game and nothing distracts you. Don’t forget to choose the right tables, since there are a lot of options online! As for the multi-tabling, choose as many tables as you can play effectively.

In addition, all poker platforms are friendly to the new players. Therefore, those who want to boost without additional investments are offered to take part in the freerolls. Free tournaments are ideal for getting the start-up capital to enter the low-cost tournaments.

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