Open Face Jackpot Windfalls are Now on Tiger Gaming

Open Face Jackpot Windfalls

Chico's flagship room Tiger Gaming has spiced up its poker lobby by introducing Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker Jackpot Sit & Go’s. Fans of OFC can now chase some sweet multipliers in SnG games with buy-ins of $3 and $8.

Here are the details of these new Windfall tournaments:

  • Game format: 3-max;
  • Buy-ins: $3 and $8;
  • Maximum multiplier: х500;
  • Starting stack: 50;
  • Blind intervals: change every 3 minutes.

OFC Windfall SNGs on Tiger Gaming

Probabilities of scoring multipliers (for $3 and $8 Windfalls)

MultiplierPrize Pool
Chances of Hitting It
(per 1,000,000 games)
x2$6 ($16)480 260
x3$9 ($24)428 160
x5$15 ($40)85 000
x10$30 ($80)5 500
x25$75 ($200)1 000
x100$300 ($800)75
x500$1,500 ($4,000)5

If you've never tried Chinese poker and want to get the hang of it, feel free to read our dedicated article for a quick intro.​

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