Outdoor casinos open in Los Angeles

Outdoor casinos

Los Angeles authorities have severely restricted the ability of the local gambling industry. In early October, Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, ordered all local gambling establishments to be placed under quarantined again.

However, casino owners managed to find a loophole in the rules that gave them the opportunity to make money.

Such gambling establishments as the Hollywood Park Casino, Bicycle Casino, Gardens Casino, as well as Lucky Lady Casino and Commerce Casino resumed their work; though, in order to comply with all the sanitary measures, visitors will have to play outside.

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Besides, poker players will still have to wear face masks while playing at the tables; all setas will be separated by special transparent protective partitions. Needless to say, eating and drinking at the tables is prohibited.

Gardens Casino

Gambling establishments that have large covered platforms outside are more fortunate. However, there is no way to provide a large number of visitors with seats at the tables as they are limited due to the sanitary and epidemiological protocols. Also, the casinos should regularly disinfect game tables and seats.

But, the Bicycle Casino and Lucky Lady Casino were less fortunate, as they had to place the game tables under the large tents.

Lucky Lady Casino

When you enter any of the aforementioned establishments, you will get your body temperature measured. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to carry out poker tournaments under such circumstances; only a cash game is available.

It is also unknown how these gambling establishments will be able to provide a comfortable environment for playing in the long term, given the fact that bad weather may ruin everything. In any case, there are still quite a lot of people willing to play live poker, even under such restrictions.

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sounds fun, as long as cards don't get blown away from the table by wind

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