PartyPoker Fast Forward NL2

Hello friends.

There will be some poker today. I played on PartyPoker. I chose a game Fast Forward, I wanted to play, not watch others play.

Everything was calm in the game, probably the first time when I didn’t want to send all the chips to all-in, but to try different variants of the drawing. I really liked it.

I managed to see 2 combinations Four of a Kind, and in one case my opponent decided to use a bluff. I think he was surprised when the cards were revealed.

I was hoping to see an ace in his hand, but he's just crazy.

On the turn I was scared of the straight, but on the river I’m just invincible.

Tomorrow Australian Open. Djokovic N. (Srb) - Medvedev D. (Rus)

Who do you think will win the cup?


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Hello friend! Good luck! 😎

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Ukraine Vetal Guru

Hello friend!



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