MyGame Whiz: a tool to analyze poker hands on PartyPoker

MyGame Whiz at PartyPoker

PartyPoker, one of the world's top poker rooms, has long made certain sacrifices in the struggle to improve poker ecology. Thus, in 2019, representatives of the room decided to prohibit the use of any third-party software at PartyPoker.

After a while, Party players were allowed to use auxiliary information, but only the one that is available in a new section – My Game. The other day, PartyPoker introduced a new tool referred to as "MyGame Whiz" in addition to the above-mentioned service.

"MyGame Whiz" is a built-in tool to collect statistics by analyzing your hands. Over time, it will provide you with a detailed analysis of your play to help improve your poker skills.

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While you are playing in the room, "MyGame Whiz" analyzes your decisions in real time according to the basic principles of GTO strategy. Then, the program generates a report on your play: it notes your strengths and leaks and indicates positions at the table in which you play your best ranges more often, etc.

The main feature of My Game Whiz is that this tool is able to analyze your current session after 100 hands have been played. Besides, you can ask basic questions related to poker theory to a special bot, which will be also useful.

Such services are more suitable for poker newbies, but regular players may well learn something useful in this section. Thus, the PartyPoker team wants to balance the poker ecosystem within their poker room. In order to open the "My Game Whiz", you have to click on your profile icon and then on the "My Game" tab.

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