Patrick Antonius won the event of his own series


​The initiator of Poker Challenge Series Patrick Antonius won the event for 10,200 euros, which was held in Tallinn.

There were 10 participants and 10 additional entries in this event. As a result the prize pool was €195,5. 20-minute levels with blinds’ increasing were included in the game.

Patrick Antonius played in a heads-up against his compatriot and Finnish professional Joni Jouhkimainen. The players made a half-hour break and after it they fought in an epic duel.

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At first, Patrick's stack was twice as much as his opponent’s one, then the preponderance increased to 3:1. After it Joni took the lead and 2:1 balance was set in his favor. The battle lasted until Jouhkimainen went all-in and faced with a stronger combination of his opponent. The next hand, where Joni played with jack and five against Patrick's pocket ace, was crucial for the tournament.

Jouhkimainen earned €58,500 for the second place. Patrick Antonius enriched with 78,1 thousand euros and got the trophy where his own name was engraved.

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