Patrick Leonard Engages with Online Community in Instagram Q&A

Patrick Leonard aka pads1161

Renowned British poker pro Patrick "pads1161" Leonard, who is equally successful in both online and offline tournaments, recently made a Q&A session with his followers on Instagram and answered some interesting questions.

Follower: I work from 9 to 17, but I want to live like you. With poker, however, it doesn't work out yet. Tell me what to do?

Leonard: I believe that the main purpose of life is to find "your thing". I was very lucky to find poker quickly. But in fact, any business can become yours. You can do anything and be successful, free and rich. Try, search, and you will find something that will "revive" your soul. Don't try to live someone else's life.

Follower: I play semi-professionally, I'm thinking of going into poker 100%. Give me advice on how to do it right?

Leonard: The main thing is not to quit your job. I just gradually became more and more serious about poker. When the time comes to go full poker, you'll figure it out yourself. Do not force yourself to make hasty decisions.

Follower: How do you deal with haters?

Leonard: When I was in my twenties, I took all the hate very closely. I tried to please all people and did what I thought they expected of me. As soon as I stopped doing this and became myself, only good people began to surround me. Their concern warms my heart.

Follower: How do you adjust to playing offline after grinding online?

Leonard: I always have high hopes for online. I want to win all the trophies, grind every day, play at the final tables, etc. When I play live, I understand: the hands are few and the variance is huge. So I play for fun and to connect with people. I expect nothing but pleasure from offline.

Follower: Do you pay attention to tells?

Leonard: I don't believe in tells, but I do believe in energy. Each person broadcasts different energy with the hands of a different strength. You need to learn to feel it and trust your subconscious.

Follower: Are you aiming to win the WSOP Best player leaderboard?

Leonard: No. Winning the SCOOP and WCOOP leaderboards is more difficult, here everything is decided by skill. Instead, the WSOP leaderboard is prestigious, but luck plays a very big role in it, because the number of tournaments is small. I can't compete on the WSOP leaderboard because of the structure. But I am ready to compete in the SCOOP and WCOOP leaderboards for another 10 years.

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