Patrick Leonard recovered from coronavirus

Patrick Leonard 2020

Coronavirus has spread all over the globe, and the disease hasn’t passed poker players by. Previously, it was known about several cases of COVID-19 among little-known players, but the pandemic reached famous professionals as well...

Patrick Leonard, a well-known professional, poker coach and PartyPoker ambassador, reported that he had recovered from the coronavirus. The guy wrote about this on his Twitter page yesterday:

According to the poker player, the only problem that remains after the illness is a complete lack of sense of smell and taste. He is certainly concerned about this situation, but hopes that his sense of taste and smell will soon return.

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Patrick described the progress of the disease as follows:

Patrick Leonard on twitter

Having experienced this ailment the hard way, Patrick noted that, in his opinion, the National Health Service and the UK government do not act correctly towards the infected people:

An Italian greyhound named Miggy helped Patrick to survive the disease and self-isolation. The poker player got the dog early in March.

Patrick Leonard's dog

The guy also shared a photo of his brave mother, who should be retired, but despite this fact and severe asthma, she is determined to return to the NHS (National Health Service) and help those who are in danger.

Patrick Leonard's mother

Curiously, Patrick managed to play poker while he was sick. After the poker player’s colleague from Germany, Dominik Nitsche, asked about playing high stakes MTT during the illness, Leonard shared his poker graph:

Patrick Leonard's graph

It’s seen that the player had a downswing after he got sick with the coronavirus. Patrick also wrote that the worst thing about this situation was inability to leave the house. 

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