Patrick Leonard spotted a player at PokerStars who wastes money

Patrick Leonard 2020

You’ve registered to a tournament in advance, but forgot about its beginning, and as a result, ended up in a sit out. You need to interrupt your participation in the tournament for a little time, that is take a break, following which your seat at the table also is considered to be in the sit out.

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These are standard situations, which every online player is familiar with. But it’s weird when the same poker player is sitting out until the end of the event with an expensive buy-in. Patrick Leonard has spotted such a player at PokerStars.

Suspicious player with "Saturnas00" nickname

Patrick Leonard was first to notice the player with the "Saturnas00" nickname at PokerStars. Over the past few days, Patrick has watched the Saturnas00, who used the sit-out option in every tournament played:

Patrick Leonard on twitter

Patrick continued to think upon the situation and said that Saturnas00 has done this for several days in a row, so the problem can’t be explained by poor Internet. The player continues to register in the expensive events, but didn't play a single hand:

Patrick Leonard twitter

The PartyPoker Ambassador contacted Melanie Moser from the Player Engagement Team at PokerStars to explain the issue, after which the poker room began to examine this situation.

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