Perfect poker tournament by Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu 2019

Year after year, poker tournament organizers are trying to find the formula on a perfect event everyone will like. Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone, so there are always dissatisfied people. Daniel Negreanu decided to express his point of view about what an ideal poker tournament should be.

One of the most important wishes - a tournament must be held without late registration. Poker players should start the game under the same conditions rather than one player joins the game at 12:00 and the other one - just after four hours. Negreanu adds that there should be no exceptions, even if you're Phil Hellmuth. Registration to the event is open in advance and if you have been unable to go to the desk on time, your ship has sailed.

As for the tournament formats, then freezeout is the perfect one for KidPoker. The poker player agrees that this reduces the prize pool, but he prefers when every decision is “life or death” for a player. The main problem is that players with a large bankroll attach little importance to their short stack game. They specifically lose it to make a rebuy and enter the game again with an average amount of chips.

Regarding the buy-in, Negreanu did not invent anything new and said that the perfect cost to enter an event was set back in the 90s. It is $10 000 and this amount is fixed in the WSOP Main Events.

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Negreanu is a big fan of mixed games and prefers them to straight no limit hold’em. They are much faster to play and the guy just finds them more interesting in general. So it has to be 8-Game Mix tournament until players reach the money. Daniel believes that the game in the ITM zone should be held only in the format of no-limit hold'em in order to attract viewers.

What about the prize pool? KidPoker has a lot of ideas about this. For example, Daniel offers to allocate an additional $10 000 for the chip leader the end of each day. Also, the winner will be pleased to receive a Tesla car.

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