Perkins vs. Tice: results of 8 sessions

Perkins vs. Tice

Landon Tice's attempts to close a gap of $720 000 in the high-stakes heads-up battle against Bill Perkins have not been as successful as hoped. The young poker player managed to win back only $90 000.

Tice gave Perkins a 9bb/100 handicap in their $200/$400 two-table battle over 20 000 hands on ACR. In fact, $720 000 is a great handicap for the amateur poker player Bill Perkins.

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From the outset, the poker players exchanged leading position in turns, although Tice's little success last week helped him get back on track to achieve the challenging goal.

Perkins, however, is far from being a weak poker player. It is also worth considering that $100 000 is a trifle for a person whose fortune is estimated at millions of dollars. Thanks to this, Bill is not afraid to lose large sums of money.

SessionHands playedWinnerTotal winnings
1623Tice$18 000
2300Perkins$79 000
3420Tice$160 000
4334Perkins$44 000
5366Tice$30 000
6362Perkins$68 000
7384Tice$90 000
8353Perkins$10 000
Total result3 144Tice$96 000

Judging by Tice's Twitter feed, the heads-up battle comes first now. The young poker player really wants to win, but, will he be able to do it with such a big handicap?

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